Who is ICSA?

In Newsletter Content by Brandon St. Clair

ICSA stands for Independent Carrier Safety Association. ICSA is a non-profit membership association that was formed to help independent motor carriers improve highway safety. They do this by providing access to tools for these small fleets and several resources at the costs that are reserved usually for large fleets, all while offering access to reduced rates for insurance coverage. ICSA’s main goal is to help all drivers to return home safely and to keep the roads and highways safe.

By becoming an ICSA member, you receive reduced pricing on road facing cameras and access to a drug-testing consortium all while being able to receive education and have a voice in the trucking industry for small carriers.

ICSA partners with Mohave to perform various services, including the handling of insurance claims filed by their members. The membership with ICSA is annual and there are dues to renew the membership and to keep the services provided to its members active.

If you have questions about ICSA, please visit their website at: www.safecarriers.org where you can also renew your membership when that time comes.