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Why do I need help with Trucking permits?

Dealing with all of your permits on top of running your trucking business can be extremely frustrating and exhausting. Whether you need an updated statement of information for DOT/DMV, incorporating your business, or starting a new business, we can help you. No matter what you need, let us take the stress and confusion away.

What we can help you with

DOT Updates

  • Address
  • Email
  • DBA
  • Corporation Changes
  • New Authority

Mileage Permits

  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • Kentucky

2290 HVUT Filings

Permits Covered

  • DOT/MC Updates
  • CA Updates
  • Motor Carrier Permits
  • Employer Pull Notice
  • EIN Filing
  • UCR Filing
  • 2290 HVUT Filing
  • Mileage Permits for NY, NM, KY

Why choose TIS Trucking Services?

When your insurance and your permits are directly related, keep them in the same place! Our permits team is dedicated to helping you make your business run as smooth as those new tires. Ask about it today!