Staff Spotlight: Yolotl Pedraza

In Newsletter Content by Brandon St. Clair

Yolotl Pedraza was born and raised in San Diego with her mother and sister. She went to Orange Glen High School and lived in the city of Escondido her whole life. The three family members are very close – a tight knit family who love going out to eat and watching movies together.

Beyond the cherished family times, Yolotl has a penchant for the silver screen. She relishes going to the movies, particularly with her fiancé. There’s something about the allure of movie theatre popcorn that she finds irresistible. Among her cinematic favorites are “Lost in Translation” and “Kill Bill”, each holding a special place in her heart.

Yolotl has been a dedicated accounting assistant at The Insurance Store for 2 years now. Her connection to the company started with Macy Pacheco, our Accounting Manager and her dear friend, who not only introduced Yolotl to her role here, but it was through Macy that Yolotl met her new fiancé as well!

Yolotl has a passion for photography that was introduced to her by her mother. She loves capturing people’s expressions in her photos and even developed her own film for a couple years. She enjoys taking candid shots of friends and family.

Yolotl’s passion doesn’t end there. She loves traveling, with Europe, especially Germany topping her list of favorites. What enchants her most about Europe is the convenience of walking through diverse landscapes and the ease with which one can hop from one country to another. With a thirst for new experiences, she’s now eyeing destinations like Japan, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.

Before joining The Insurance Store’s accounting team, she worked in retail, where she enjoyed the human aspect of her job and training staff. However, she was seeking a career change that would allow her to use her analytical skills as well as her detail-oriented nature. Accounting was a perfect fit. Completing tasks and crossing items off her to-do list gives her a profound sense of achievement.

We’re proud to have Yolotl as part of our Insurance Store family and look forward to celebrating her upcoming wedding. Please join us in congratulating her on her engagement and continued success.