Staff Spotlight: Linda Deuel

In Newsletter Content by Brandon St. Clair

People from Erie, Pennsylvania are born with a different kind of strength. Strength that can handle 100 inches of snow per year. Strength that can walk a mile to school in weather that with a wind chill factor is -65 degrees. This strength can be seen in one of the individuals who we are blessed to have work here at TIS; let me introduce you to Linda Deuel.

Linda comes from a very distinguished heritage of rum runners who used to bootleg alcohol across the Canadian border. It is no wonder why she is so resourceful when it comes to helping you find the very best coverage for your insurance! ?

Growing up, Linda loved anything outdoors. She was blessed to be in an area rich with hiking and camping. She was heavily involved in the Girl Scouts in her area and enjoyed everything that came with that. She grew up in a modest home where they would need to find things to do that did not cost a lot of money. One of these things was ice skating. At the age of 9, she received her first pair of ice skates. Every Saturday morning, she would watch ice skaters on Wide World of Sports on ABC, and then progress outside to try out all their moves on the nearby pond.

Linda recalls one day it was so cold outside walking to school, that when she arrived at school and took her glasses off to clean them, they snapped right in half from being frozen.

After high school, Linda attended Penn State where she earned a double bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. She absolutely loved doing her student teaching in a 5th grade classroom where she thrived on playing off the kids’ energy. However, this was during a time when there was a teacher overage, so no hiring was taking place. This led her to explore new avenues of work. She went back to her scouting roots where she worked for Boys Scouts of America for two years before falling into what she now knows and loves – insurance.

Insurance became a part of her life after she moved out to Arizona for her husband’s education. She stepped into the commercial insurance arena and never stepped back out. Her favorite part of the job is connecting with clients and creating relationships. Linda has lived all over the United States, but no matter where she goes, she has found that insurance has been a part of what she does.

While she was back in Orange County, NY she was introduced to showing dogs. She absolutely fell in love with everything about it. She was able to buy a registered Springer that was not from the best pedigree, but it was a great opportunity for her to learn how to train. She met some amazing dog trainers who shaped how she did things with her dog. They really taught her how to insert herself in this “dog” world.

She has now been showing Springers since 1982, and this dog showing world is a part of who she is. She loves the community that surrounds it, and she has met some of the greatest people because of it. Currently she has a Springer named Murphy who she hopes to start showing again soon.

This fall she is looking forward to a trip to see her niece in North Carolina. While she is there, they are planning to take a train ride through the Smokey Mountains.

Her dream is to one day move to Safford, AZ, which is a little place at the foothills of Mt. Graham that is awe-inspiring to her. We are happy to introduce you to Linda.