Benefits of Using TIS24

In Newsletter Content by Brandon St. Clair

Let’s face it. These days, we want everything now. Convenience is a must. From grocery shopping to online banking, the power of technology is at our fingertips. Why should your truck insurance be any different?  There are many benefits to using TIS24, and this article will highlight some of the perks to having access to your truck insurance on the go.

Issuing Certificates:

The main and most popular function of the TIS24 portal is to be able to issue certificates whenever you need, wherever you are. In the event that our offices are closed either after hours, on the weekend, or a major holiday, if you have access to TIS24, you can issue a certificate of insurance to get that load.

Policy Information and Requesting Policy Change Requests:

With TIS24 you can check your current policy information such as what vehicles you have on your policy, or how many drivers are listed. You can also use TIS24 to request policy changes such as adding or removing vehicles and drivers.

Issuing ID Cards:

One last benefit of TIS24 is being able to issue ID cards on the go. You never know when you might need proof of insurance on the road and having access online or on the app makes it all the more convenient.

Overall, TIS24 is a great tool to have for truckers. If you are interested in getting access to a TIS24 account, contact your agent today, and they will set you up!