TIS Management Retreat: Team Building Activities

In Featured, Newsletter Content by Brandon St. Clair

Last month we had a Management Retreat filled with team-building activities that would cause our team to step outside of their comfort zones and stretch their capabilities beyond their imaginations.  We started at Trapeze High located in Escondido, California.  It is San Diego County’s ONLY Flying Trapeze school.  We asked our management team to give us some feedback as to what they learned from the experience.

Overwhelmingly in unison, the team shared their excitement in thinking about flying on a trapeze, while equally nervous to do so.  Before beginning the climb to the platform, several shared that anxieties were creeping in, and they really wanted to quit.  They wanted to just go back down the ladder.  However, they fought through the fear and made it to the platform.  One team member noted that trying a trapeze for sport or personal amusement was not something that had naturally occurred to him.  He only ever thought of someone else entertaining him at a circus while he ate popcorn or peanuts and watched safely from the seats below.  But now, on the platform, the fear was really gripping them!  With their peers cheering them on, however, they knew they could accomplish whatever they set out to do.  And, one by one they leapt!

From there, they went to La Jolla Kayak where either individually or as a team, the managers were challenged to row out to the La Jolla Caves, overcoming fatigue and inexperience to make it back to shore.

Lessons learned by the team were when you think you can’t, you’re right!  But when you push past your fear, insecurities and fatigue, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to—especially with a cheering section and team members at the ready to help.

As one manager recalled, “I was amazed at how each manager was willing to push themselves out of their comfort zones to accomplish our events that day. Trying new things, especially things that are far outside of their comfort zone, speaks to their character.  In this case, everyone put themselves in harm’s way to meet and conquer new challenges before them.  Mark, Lindsay, and Chelsey were my heroes that day.  I would guess that it was something none of them ever thought about before.  Yet they faced the challenge and tried their best to complete the task.  Mark was so out of his comfort zone, he chose to close his eyes through most of the attempts on the trapeze, but he completed more than most of us.”

He continued, “The second part of the day was an endurance challenge.  Again, all moved forward with the determination to complete the journey.  There was no exception on the kayaks, all paddled into the ocean with confidence that they would finish the event, and they did.  Being together as a group (team) helped keep us all going regardless of the fear of the ocean waves or soreness of our muscles.  The group helped the individuals accomplish more by being together or working together for a common goal. “

In all, it was a day filled with experiences that will help us to grow and expand our vision of what is possible here at TIS.

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