Staff Spotlight: Maribel Varela

In Newsletter Content by Savanna Vandenhuevel

Imagine meeting the love of your life at just thirteen years old. Fast forward to today and that is exactly how Maribel’s love story started. Maribel grew up in Mexico with her six siblings and when she was thirteen, she met her husband Jesus. Now, they are about to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

Over the years, Maribel and her family have built lasting memories by traveling and most recently, they took an 18-day trip to London, Germany, and Switzerland. Maribel’s oldest son, Rodrigo is in the army and stationed in Germany, so this trip meant that she would get to spend some quality time with her son and his family.

While on this trip, Maribel had the opportunity to take in all of the sites, try many new foods, and experience many historically significant landmarks. Maribel loves architecture and history, so getting the chance to walk through places like The Mall in London was a dream come true. Also, while on that trip, Maribel had the chance to experience many of the traditional foods from each country and in the end, London was the winner when it came to the best food. According to Maribel, their pastries are amazing and the fried Horlicks ice cream bun at BAO was her favorite.

In addition to world travel, Maribel loves to be active, and she is not good at just sitting at home. She will take any chance to just get out of the house. She loves going for walks in nature, bargain shopping, and going dancing.

Music and dancing are another one of her and her family’s favorite activities. Both her husband and son are musical, and she loves getting to see them perform. Her son plays the guitar, and her husband loves to sing and play the violin. At one point, her husband was even in a musical trio, which allowed him to share his love of music with the people in their community.

Maribel and her family are extremely close, and they love taking any opportunity to get out and experience the world together. We are thankful to have Maribel on the TIS team, and we can’t wait to hear about where her family adventures take her next.