Office News: 2023 TIS Banquet- 50 Years of Setting the Gold Standard

In Newsletter Content by Savanna Vandenhuevel

This year, TIS celebrated its 50th anniversary. The year was centered around reflecting on what and more importantly who started it all. The Insurance Store was founded in 1973 by Norven and Cheryl Storrs, and back then this was just one of their many business ventures to support their family. Now 50 years later, the company is still in the Storrs family and thriving.

To close out the 50th anniversary celebration, the TIS team near and far gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the year. 2023 was a big year for The Insurance Store when it came to supporting our clients, and with the increased growth of the industry, the TIS team championed their way into another successful year.

During this year’s banquet, we celebrated both individual and team successes within the company, as well as learned about some exciting growth opportunities for the new year.

Success at TIS can be looked at from many perspectives, and this year we saw success through the overall growth of our company, especially since we now service clients in all 48 of the continuous United States. We also saw growth through the personal endeavors of our team when it came to our health and wellness challenges, writing new business, and servicing our existing clients.

As a part of the 50th anniversary celebration, The Insurance Store also enacted a pay it forward campaign to get both the TIS team and our clients to slow down and focus on supporting the people and communities around us. Through our pay it forward campaign, there were 175 documented acts of kindness around the world. This was huge because it showed just how far our reach as a company has become. We had submissions not just from the US, but from Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Mexico, and even the Philippines. It is wonderful to see the positive impact our team and clients are making in the world around them.

Wrapping up the 2023 year and more specifically the 50th anniversary of The Insurance Store is bittersweet, but we are excited to continue to celebrate the continued growth and accomplishments of our team as we head into the new year.