RV Insurance Coverages

In Newsletter Content by Brandon St. Clair

The nice thing about RV insurance is that there are many carriers to shop, and you will be able to get the best type of insurance for your needs.  Cost will depend on if you are a full-timer, or your RV use is just for vacations a few times a year.  Full-time RV insurance is more expensive; it mixes auto and homeowner’s insurance.

The basic RV insurance policy covers bodily injury and property damage, losses incurred when your motorhome is in storage, and roadside help in an emergency.

There are other carriers who specialize in recreational vehicle insurance and include options like full replacement costs for RVs that are stolen or damaged beyond repair.  They can also include coverage for outer attachments for truck campers as well as awnings.

Specialized insurance coverages for your motorhome can include:

  • Custom Equipment (only applies if you have installed after-market equipment – usually up to $1,000)
  • Vacation Liability (goes hand in hand with comprehensive and collision coverage – usually up to $10,000 coverage limit and only applies when you’re using your RV as your vacation residence, not full-time). If it is parked in your front yard, your vacation liability insurance will not cover any theft or damage at that time.
  • Roadside Assistance can be included or added on. This depends on the carrier, but it can be a life saver. This generally covers battery failure, roadside breakdown, flat or blown tires, low fuel or fluid, lock-out or getting stuck within 100 feet of the road.
  • Another specialized coverage is Personal Effects, and this coverage applies if someone steals your RV or if any possessions you store in your RV get damaged in a natural disaster like a flood or fire.

There are some carriers who have plenty of discount options, from multi-policy to original driver discounts.  They offer the standard comprehensive and collision coverage and more.  Depending on the carrier, you can buy an RV package that includes many of the basic and specialized coverages, or you can add them on separately as needed.