Keep Your Car and Home Safe from Thieves During the Holidays

In Newsletter Content by Brandon St. Clair

Christmas is the season for giving, but in the insurance world, we see that unfortunately, it is also sometimes the season for taking.

On the bright side, there are a few things you can do to prevent thieves from targeting you, your car, and your home.

Prevention Tips for Your Car:

  • Do not leave gifts and valuables in your car, including your cell phone and sunglasses – not even for one minute. Avoid leaving your car unattended with valuables inside.  Comprehensive coverage covers theft of your vehicle, but you will have to file a theft claim with your home or renter’s policy for your personal items that are taken from inside your car.
  • Invest in an anti-theft device for your car.

Prevention Tips for Your Home:

  • Leave your lights on if you are going to be out for the evening. You may even want to leave your TV or radio on to help deter thieves.
  • Lock all your windows and doors.
  • Keep your Christmas tree and gifts out of plain view.
  • If you are gone for an extended period, set your lights to automatic timers and have someone house sit for you.
  • If a house sitter is not an option, have a neighbor keep an eye on your house, pick up your mail, shovel snow, and even park in your driveway.
  • Break down boxes from gifts and hide them in the garage until your regularly scheduled garbage pickup. Boxes give away high price items like computers, speakers, and TV’s.
  • It is a good idea to take a photo of new items along with a brief description and any serial numbers in case you do have a break-in. This information can be helpful when filing a claim.

Prevention Tips for Holiday Shopping:

  • Stay alert to people around you. Thieves and pickpockets lurk in crowded malls.
  • Keep your distance from others when possible.
  • Carry your purse close to your body and make sure your straps are not easily broken if yanked.
  • Men should carry their wallets in their front pants pocket.
  • Avoid carrying lots of cash by using credit cards or checks.
  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Lock your car and close all windows.
  • Keep your packages in the trunk and out of sight.

Being properly insured during this time of the year is a great way to protect yourself.  Savings can be found when you are able to bundle your home or renter’s insurance with your personal auto.