EPN – What is it and Why Do I Need it?

In Newsletter Content by Brandon St. Clair

What is an Employer Pull Notice (EPN)?

The Employer Pull Notice (EPN) provides businesses with a quick method of tracking the driving records of employees.

Who needs to enroll in EPN?

  • You claim a Corporation, LLC, or Partnership, and your Motor Company activity requires drivers to hold Commercial Driver’s License.
  • If you are an individual, who has 2 or more vehicles and the last one of your vehicles requires the driver to hold a Commercial Driver’s License

Why do I need an Employer Pull Notice (EPN) when I am the only driver?

If you are confused as to why you, as the only driver, need an EPN, consider this. As pertaining to the corporation, you are considered an employee. California does not see ownership in this case; you are seen as an employee and would therefore qualify for the EPN.

If, however, you are a sole prop, then the answer is different. No, you are not required to have an EPN.

How does the Employer Pull Notice work?

Employers who enroll in the EPN program receive what is known as a requester code. Once the requester code is obtained, it is then added to the Driver’s License record of the employee. When the DL is updated, all actions and activities will be recorded. The EPN gives your company access to monitor the DL records of employees who drive under your organization. Monitoring accomplishes the following:

  • Improves public safety.
  • Proves if each driver has a valid DL.
  • Uncovers hazardous drivers or driving behavior.
  • Assists in decreasing your liability.

There are specific requirements to enroll in the EPN program; let TIS Trucking Services help you in this process! For more information call us at (619) 265-0236.