Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Johnson

In Featured by Brandon St. Clair

It seems that Jenn was actually fashionably prepared to work from home in this time of the Coronavirus. She is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of cardigans and pajama pants! She has the perfect outfit for every video chat – professional on the top and pajamas pants on the bottom. Although her wardrobe was prepared for her to work from home, her cat Kiki is having a different opinion about sharing the house.

Jennifer JohnsonYou would never know by her bubbly personality and infectious smile that Jenn was painfully shy as a child. Being the only child until the age of 21, kept her home life relatively quiet. Growing up she loved music and going to concerts. Her taste in music is an eclectic collection, but she did admit that her first ever concert was to see Paula Abdul, and she also had her cassette tape! Some of her favorite memories as a child were camping at Lake Skinner and Irvine Park with all her extended family. Some of their favorite things to do were hiking, playing in the lake, and playing baseball. She continues some of those pastimes with her family now as they enjoy hiking and going to baseball games together.

Growing up in both Murrieta and Orange County blessed her life in different ways. It was in Orange County that she began her journey into retail with her first job at Ross. She continued in retail, working her way into management and ended her career at Old Navy. Retail taught her many life lessons and people skills, which made her transition into insurance so perfect. It was her connection to Murrieta that brought about her relationship with her boyfriend. They were a Facebook success story – a connection between their mutual list of friends brought them together.

One of her favorite trips was last summer where her boyfriend surprised her with concert tickets and a two-week trip to Red Rock in Colorado. They fell in love with the mountains and even the venue. She said it didn’t matter who was playing there, the concert would be amazing.

A fun fact about Jenn is that she loves ALL of the housewives shows! She tells herself that she is not going to get into the next one that comes out, but somehow, they keep sucking her in. As she has been spending more time at home with the social distancing requirements, she finds that she not only enjoys watching the cooking channel but also trying to cook some of these things now. Even though cooking new things is fun, there is one meal that remains her true love – tacos!