Client of the Month: Reliable Last Mile Logistics LLC

In Featured by Brandon St. Clair

Long-time friends, Ryan Sheehan and Will Ballantyne have been buddies since high school. It was their lifelong dream to start a business together, and crazy enough, the Pandemic of 2020 helped them to realize that dream.

At the beginning of 2020, they saw a problem within the transportation industry and set about to find a solution. As supply and demand brought forth the need for increased home deliveries, Reliable Last Mile Logistics LLC was born.

Currently, products are delivered to warehouses all over the country. A last mile delivery and/or reverse logistics company takes it from the warehouse to your door. They started with one box truck and built their business by being men of their word, giving excellent customer service, and by building relationships. They take pride in putting their customers first. Because of the service they provide, they have experienced steady and consistent growth over the short time they have been in business.

Ryan and Will both have wonderful women in their lives, and they look forward to the future of settling down and having families. Being from Massachusetts, they are huge New England sports fans. They also enjoy traveling in their spare time.

At The Insurance Store, we enjoy serving clients such as Ryan and Will and Reliable Last Mile Logistics, and we look forward to many more years of business together.