CAPSA – Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse

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CAPSA is a nonprofit organization in Logan, Utah that serves a community of people in the Cache County and Bear Creek areas. CAPSA is a recovery center for individuals and families affected by domestic violence, sexual abuse, and rape. CAPSA’s mission is to provide a “safe, caring, and confidential shelter, advocacy, and support for victims.” They also hope to “reduce incidents of abuse through prevention education.”

CAPSA started more than forty-five years ago when two significant rape cases happened at Utah State University. Community members decided to act and formed the Cache Valley Rape Crisis Team, which was a hotline where calls were directed to the university’s Women’s Center. A few years later, with Utah passing a spousal abuse act, more funding became available, and the team changed its name to CAPSA and started having community members house victims in their own homes. CAPSA soon gained enough money to create a shelter which has expanded, improved, and helped thousands of individuals.

CAPSA offers help in many ways. They have a crisis and support phone line that you can call anytime to receive information, resources, or support. It is run by trained staff who are equipped to help with immediate need.

CAPSA also has an emergency shelter for men, women, and children to come to when on the run and trying to get away from an abuser. Transitional housing is also offered in some cases. Casework and advocacy are also offered by experts to help victims become safe through legal action as well as finding housing and work to start their new life. Clinical therapists are available to help victims through different disorders that come with trauma like anxiety and depression. Support groups are offered to victims in hopes of them helping each other. A big program that CAPSA has continued to grow is their education and prevention program. These individuals reach out to schools, community groups, and businesses to help community members recognize and be aware of signs of abuse and how to help others or themselves if needed.

TIS has been asked to assist CAPSA by folding origami butterflies, which will be added to a display in the mail office of CAPSA. Each butterfly represents one person that has received help from CAPSA. We will also be helping with affirmation cards. These will be made available to clients of CAPSA who need a daily reminder of their self-worth.

The experience of this charity at The Insurance Store has brought light and awareness to individuals who may be suffering in these situations. We have been blessed to do a small part to show our love and compassion for victims traveling this journey towards healing.