TIS Halloween 2022 Costume Contest

In Newsletter Content by Brandon St. Clair

Here are pictures from the TIS Halloween 2022 costume contest. To see the desk decorations, click here.

3 Witches of AZ (Arizona Office)

Adams Family (Murrieta Office)

Barbies (Murrieta Office)

Disney Princesses (Murrieta Office)

Dolls of TIS (San Diego Office)

Freddy Krueger (Murrieta Office)

Scary Theme (Tracy Office)

Hungry Hungry Hippos (Washington Office)

Insurance Icons (Murrieta Office)

Peanuts Gang (Murrieta Office)

Scooby Doo (Back Office)

The Circus (Back Office)

The Hunter and the Enchanted (Back Office)

The Price is Right (Texas Office)

TIS Truckers (Murrieta Office)

Top Gun (Logan Office)

TIS Wild Animal Park (Murrieta Office)