Staff Spotlight: Sarika Lopez Dhiman

In Newsletter Content by Savanna Vandenhuevel

Within the dynamic landscape of our workplace, there exist individuals whose lively personalities and varied life experiences profoundly enhance the essence of our TIS team. One such remarkable member is Sarika Lopez Dhiman, a beacon of positivity and an uplifting spirit to all around her.

Sarika is the eldest of six siblings and this shaped her resilient and optimistic outlook on life. She grew up in India and despite facing challenges growing up, she chose to embrace positivity, a mindset that has become her guiding philosophy.

As a devoted mother to two wonderful children, Christian and Preeti, Sarika finds immense joy in being a mom. Considering it not just a duty but one of her favorite hobbies. Engaging in art and coloring sessions with her daughter Preeti and hitting the gym with her son Christian, Sarika cherishes every moment spent with her children.

Now that Sarika’s children are teenagers, she is starting to find more time for herself and with that she is checking some experiences off her bucket list. Growing up, Sarika always loved motorcycles and recently she achieved a milestone that has been a dream since her teenage years – she obtained her motorcycle license. A true enthusiast, she revels in the freedom that a bike offers and has a soft spot for sports bikes, particularly aspiring to own the sleek and powerful Kawasaki Ninja 650.

In addition to being a motorcycle enthusiast, Sarika loves music and dancing. In her teenage years in India, Sarika’s love for dance led her to teach Bollywood-style dance classes. Even today, the rhythm of life resonates with her love for dancing, a passion that continues to bring joy to her and those around her.

For Sarika, life is a journey of happiness, and she is determined to savor every moment. As Sarika eloquently puts it, “life is big, and moments are small” and we are thrilled to have Sarika as a part of the TIS team and we look forward to watching her positivity and zest for life shine through in everything that she does.