Spring into Creativity: Easter Egg Decorating Extravaganza

In Newsletter Content by Savanna Vandenhuevel

Ready to dive into egg-citing Easter fun and discover some unique ways to dye your eggs? As flowers bloom and birds chirp, it’s time to celebrate the joyous season of spring. Dive into the vibrant world of Easter egg decorating, where imagination knows no bounds. From polka dots to glitter galore, unleash your inner artist and hop into a world of colorful fun!

Drip-Dyed Easter Eggs
How to make them:
1. Stand an egg up on a bottle cap or an overturned egg carton (resting the egg between the cups).
2. Drip 1 to 4 drops of the first color of food coloring on top of the egg, then spray with water.
3. Repeat with additional colors.

Marbled Easter Eggs
How to make them:
1. Spread a thick layer of shaving cream on a cookie sheet.
2. Add 4 or 5 drops of food coloring to a small section and mix it around with a toothpick or a straw.
3. Roll an egg in the dyed shaving cream and let the shaving cream sit on the egg’s surface for about 10 minutes.
4. Pat excess off with paper towels.

Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs
How to make them:
1. Dye an egg the color of your choice.
2. Press bubble wrap onto solvent ink pads.
3. Lay an egg on the inked bubble wrap, gently pull up the corners, and wrap it around the egg.