Agricultural Trucking Insurance


Home-Grown Insurance Options for Agricultural Trucking

Agricultural trucking is what keeps our nation’s grocery stores stocked. Without it, fresh produce, grains, and livestock would never make it from farms to tables. Beyond the transportation of foods, agricultural trucking also helps to deliver the tools and equipment needed to keep the supply chain running, including fertilizer, tools, and other farming equipment.

The Insurance Store understands and recognizes the importance of agricultural trucking and knows the legislation that comes along with it, including the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011. Let us help build a custom insurance policy that best fits the needs you have in order to keep the nation fed.

  • Truck Liability

    Mandatory coverage for all commercial vehicles on the road.

  • Physical Damage

    Offers coverage should your truck suffer damage during an accident.

  • Motor Truck Cargo

    Provides coverage for the grain, produce and other items you are transporting from the farm.

Fresh Discounts for Agricultural Truckers

Our partnerships with the top trucking insurance companies in the nation allow The Insurance Store to provide additional benefits to agricultural trucking operations, including the following:

  • Savings of up to 25% on agriculture trucking insurance
  • Nationwide coverage across the lower 48 and Canada
  • Access to the TIS24 App, allowing for immediate access to certificates of insurance
  • Discounts on essential items, including tires and fuel
  • Round-the-clock roadside assistance
  • Responsive claims and professional customer service

Get an Agricultural Trucking Insurance Quote Today

The Insurance Store understands the complexities of getting the right insurance policy for those in agribusiness. As an independent insurance agency built for truckers, we wanted to make the process easier. Contact our truck insurance specialists today to learn more about our process and get a quote today. Call 800-354-8535 or request a quote online.