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Commercial Truck Insurance in Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, California is a vibrant city of over 350,000 people with a thriving and diverse business community. As a major hub for industries like technology, manufacturing, and entertainment, Anaheim has a significant amount of commercial trucking activity to transport goods throughout the region.

These commercial trucks are the backbone of Anaheim's bustling economy. Whether carrying produce from nearby farms, materials for local factories, or merchandise for the shops at Downtown Disney, commercial trucks continuously traverse Anaheim's congested highways and surface streets. They roll past landmarks like Honda Center and the Anaheim Convention Center, delivering the goods that keep Anaheim's economic engine humming.

Like any vehicle on the road, these commercial trucks need insurance protection. At The Insurance Store, our experienced team provides comprehensive commercial truck insurance tailored to Anaheim businesses. We understand the importance of keeping your fleet insured and on the road.

Trust our expertise in the Anaheim insurance market to find the right commercial truck insurance policy to fit your business's unique needs and budget. Contact us today to discuss how we can help keep your Anaheim commercial trucks covered.

Coverage? Check! Benefits? Double Check!

First things first, let's talk about truck insurance coverages. We’ve got your back with every type of coverage a trucker could dream of – and some you probably haven’t even thought of!

  • Auto Liability

    Operating commercial trucks on Anaheim's congested roads and highways exposes your business to liability risks. Auto liability insurance provides coverage in case one of your trucks is involved in an at-fault accident. For instance, if your semi-truck rear-ends a passenger vehicle on the 55 freeway through Santa Ana, their resulting medical treatment, vehicle repair, and legal costs would be covered by your liability policy. Or if your box truck sideswipes a car while changing lanes on Ball Road in Anaheim, damaging the other driver's vehicle, your auto liability insurance helps pay for repairs. At The Insurance Store, we know the Anaheim area and can advise you on appropriate liability limits to protect your local trucking operations. We'll help you gain peace of mind that accidents around Anaheim won't financially devastate your business.

  • Physical Damage

    Anaheim's streets and parking lots can present hazards like potholes, crowded roads, and theft. Physical damage coverage protects your trucks when they're involved in collisions, vandalism, or other mishaps around Anaheim. For example, if your refrigerated box truck hits a pothole on Katella Ave and needs repairs, or the cargo area is broken into while parked overnight in Fullerton, physical damage insurance helps pay for fixes to get your truck back on the road. Let The Insurance Store tailor a policy to fit risks your Anaheim fleet faces.

  • Motor Truck Cargo

    Transporting goods from LA ports through Anaheim exposes your customers' cargo to potential loss. Motor truck cargo coverage protects the items you haul if damaged in transit. For instance, if electronics you're carrying are stolen from your parked trailer in Santa Ana, or avocados you're shipping get bruised in an accident on the 5 freeway, your cargo policy pays your customer for their goods. The Insurance Store understands the importance of securing your customers’ Anaheim-bound cargo.

  • Workers Compensation

    California requires workers' comp for employees injured on the job. This covers costs if a driver strains their back lifting a package at an Anaheim delivery location, or a dispatcher falls and breaks their arm at your Brea office. Workers' comp pays for their medical treatment and lost wages while recovering. Trust us to secure state-mandated workers' comp protection for your staff around Anaheim.

  • General Liability

    Your Anaheim trucking operations can pose general risks if others are injured on your property or due to your work. General liability insurance covers costs if a visitor slips and falls at your Anaheim headquarters, or if your truck damages property like if a sign falls and crushes a car. Let The Insurance Store customize a broad liability policy to protect your interests across Anaheim and beyond.

Why Choose The Insurance Store for Truck Insurance in Anaheim?

With over 50 years of trusted experience in the insurance industry, The Insurance Store has developed deep expertise serving Anaheim's commercial trucking needs. As a family-owned business, we understand the value of building relationships and being a reliable partner for your insurance needs.

At TIS, we don't just sell insurance policies - we provide solutions and peace of mind. Our team of knowledgeable professionals can guide you through options to find the right commercial truck insurance coverages at competitive rates. We also offer convenient technology, like our TIS24 mobile app, to help manage your policy whenever and wherever you need it.

Truck Permits and Filings: Making Sense of the Maze

We also have a dedicated division, TIS Trucking Services, solely focused on assisting trucking companies with permits, licensing, and regulatory filings. We'll help you navigate the complex paperwork and compliance requirements that come with operating commercial trucks, so you can focus on your business.

Partner With The TIS Team!

Partnering with TIS means having an experienced team in your corner, committed to simplifying insurance so you can keep your trucks running safely on the roads. With our long track record of trustworthy relationships, robust insurance offerings, and client-focused services, we are the co-pilot you need for success.

Contact our experts today at 888-570-3130 to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to helping your trucking business reach new heights!

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