Staff Spotlight: Tristan Shafer

In Uncategorized by Savanna Vandenheuvel

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Tristan Shafer, a person of boundless passions, and to shine a light on just a few of the remarkable aspects that make him truly extraordinary. From an early age, Tristan’s heart has been drawn to sports, whether he’s soaking up the action from the sidelines with his family or diving headfirst onto the field.

Once a college football player, Tristan found himself seeking a new athletic pursuit post-pandemic. Following a friend’s suggestion, he picked up a set of clubs and hasn’t looked back since. Despite only immersing himself in the world of golf a year ago, Tristan’s dedication to the game shines through with every stroke. Like every true golfer, Tristan has a favorite club and his go-to on the course is his dependable Mizuno 58-degree wedge, which has not only bolstered his confidence but also elevated his game. And what captivates Tristan most about golf, aside from the game’s inherent challenge, is the serenity it offers.

Beyond the greens, Tristan’s heart lies with his cherished Los Angeles Lakers, a passion handed down through generations in his family. Growing up, Tristan, like his relatives, eagerly followed the Lakers on television. However, his mother had a special wish for him – to experience the thrill of watching the Lakers play live, and because of this, Tristan and his mom have the annual tradition of attending an in-person game each year.

When he’s not perfecting his swing or cheering on the Lakers, Tristan finds solace in the great outdoors and loves spending time with his K9 companion Wolf. Once an avid fisher, Tristan used to take any chance he could get to go fishing, and he admits that he eagerly anticipates the day he can cast his line once more. Recently, his family welcomed a furry addition – Wolf, a 1.5-year-old German Shepherd rescue. Witnessing Wolf’s transformation from a timid stray into a playful companion has brought immeasurable joy to Tristan’s life, and he is excited to take Wolf on his future adventures.

With his contagious enthusiasm for life and deep affection for golf, family, and K9 companions, Tristan Shafer embodies the essence of a true sportsman and friend. We’re grateful to have Tristan as a part of our team, and eagerly anticipate hearing about his next adventure, whether it’s on the golf course or courtside cheering for the Lakers.