Staff Spotlight: Codi Graybill

In Featured by Brandon St. Clair

Codi Graybill

Her fabulous cheekbones are not the only thing Codi got from her grandmother. Some may say she also got a bit of her spice and sassiness! Codi was blessed to grow up close to a grandmother who always knew how to make her feel special. Maybe it was her influence that lead her to love things of the past.

Codi is enchanted by jazz music, vinyl records, and anything Frank Sinatra. Her love for these things has grown as her relationship has developed with her fiancé Brad. Together they enjoy listening to their collections of vinyls, attending all types of movies, but especially anything Quentin Tarantino, and watching the Cubs play. One of their bucket list items is to travel around the US and see all the major league ballparks.

Growing up, Codi was deeply involved in choir. Singing and performing became her passion and helped her to gain leadership skills that have spilled over into all other areas of her life. One of her favorite memories of singing came when she was in high school, and her school choir was able to travel to Hawaii and perform at Pearl Harbor’s 75th Anniversary Commemoration. Through her passion of singing, she was introduced to Polynesian dance as well. She was blessed to participate in some Polynesian festivals in Oceanside where she grew up. This created a love in her for the Polynesian people and their culture.

Codi has such a positive outlook on life and connection with people. We feel blessed to have her here, and in true Sinatra fashion, we believe “The best is yet to come” with Codi and her impact here at TIS.