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Yolotl Pedraza

Accounting Assistant

Hello, I'm Yolotl, a proud San Diego native.   I truly love this sunny coastal city & its golden beaches.   I am lucky to be just a stone's throw away from my incredible support system: my mother and sister, who happen to be my two closest friends.

Before embarking on my accounting career, I had the privilege of working for a specialty retailer, where I wore multiple hats and gained invaluable experience. I served as an Operational Specialist, honing my skills in various areas.  I also took on the role of a Product Trainer, which truly shaped my foundational beliefs.

My professional goal is to continually expand my knowledge in both accounting and the inner workings of TIS. Beyond the office, my yearly goal is to read one book per month and to cherish quality time with my friends and family.

As I continue to grow professionally and personally, I remain deeply grateful for the beautiful city of San Diego, my cherished relationships, and the opportunities that lie ahead.