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Samantha Foss

Customer Experience Specialist

Hello there! I'm Samantha Foss, a people-loving, family-oriented individual with a heart full of compassion for both humans and animals. My journey started in Washington, where I spent my early years until my family made the exciting move to Las Vegas when I was twelve. Eventually, I found myself settling down in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, where I'm happily building a life with my husband and our beautiful family.

I grew up in my dad's furniture business & it was quite an adventure! I was always surrounded by customers, and I learned the art of providing excellent service and making connections at a young age. Those experiences shaped me into the people person I am today, and I'm grateful for every moment spent in that store with my dad.

Being a mom and a wife brings me more joy than words can express. Family means everything to me, and I'll go to great lengths to support and care for them. Whether it's cuddling with our pets or lending a helping hand to those in need, my heart is always full when I'm surrounded by loved ones.

Every day, I strive to be the best version of myself. I believe in the power of continuous learning and growth, and I eagerly embrace new opportunities to expand my horizons. Life is an adventure, and I'm determined to make the most of it, one day at a time.  I look forward to connecting with more people as I begin my work at The Insurance Store.