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Rita Huerta

Permit Services Representative

Hi, my name is Rita Lynn Moseley-Huerta. I was born in Richmond, Virginia, moved to El Paso, Texas at the age of 3 months, stayed there for 34 years and moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2002. I have 2 wonderful children – Celia & David Jr. and 2 beautiful grandchildren – Albert and Mariah Jazlynn. I have one other grandchild on his way and he should be here sometime in late June / early July.

I enjoy spending my extra time with my boyfriend Paul and our family. We usually go to the movies, dinner and once in a while we will take our Quads out for a ride. I have been with The First Insurance Store since January 2008. It has been a great experience working here. I look forward to the future and new opportunities and I strive every day to provide great customer service.