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Lorraine Davenport

Insurance Agent

My name is Lorraine Davenport.  I was born and raised in San Diego, California and spent most of my life there. After a lifetime in California, my family and I moved to The Woodlands, Texas, and I am still in the process of trying to become a real Texan!  One day I might get used to the idea of using the word “y’all” and people calling me “ma’am,” but I’m not quite there yet!

I am happily married to my husband Daniel, and we have three amazing children, Liliana, Karley, and Ryan.  They constantly keep me on my toes and put a smile on my face daily.  I coach volleyball to keep me active and busy, and my oldest daughter plays as well. If we aren’t in a gym, our favorite place to be is together!  I love traveling back to San Diego to spend time with family and getting every last minute I can at the beach. Anywhere that involves sun, sand, and water is my happy place!

Insurance is my second career in my lifetime. I am also a licensed registered nurse by trade, and I have spent twelve years working mostly in the Emergency Room.  Nursing will always have a piece of my heart, but I’ve been happy to transition over to the insurance world.  My mission in life is to care for others in every way possible, and I feel that this fits perfectly into the insurance industry.  I still work a couple times a month to keep up with my medical background, but my priority is my insurance clients.  I find that I’m still able to serve so many people in the insurance industry with my caring and honest personality.  I am constantly learning and making sure that I am aware of the ever-changing insurance world to best serve my clients.  I strive to maintain lasting relationships with my clients and to ultimately make them a part of my insurance family!