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Kevin Meling

Account Manager

Hello, I'm Kevin Meling. I hail from Fallon, Nevada, but my roots quickly intertwined with California, where I settled in Temecula in 2004. Raised in a tight-knit Spanish household, family values were instilled early on. As I matured, my desire to explore beyond our circle led me into the customer service realm, first in popular local restaurants and later transitioning into the insurance industry as a customer service representative.  My journey in insurance has been enriching—I delved into the intricacies of the field, earned certification from the California Department of Insurance, and managed a substantial book of $15 million with a dedicated team, maintaining its size over the years. It's been a rewarding path that has taught me the importance of clear communication and empathetic problem-solving.
I'm grateful for where I am today.  In 2023, my greatest joy arrived in the form of my son, thanks to my amazing wife. Music is another passion; I've self-taught myself guitar and music production.  Quality time with my family is my biggest priority & we love enjoying music together.  My aspiration to teach never waned, and in my role, I find fulfillment in simplifying the complexities of insurance for others, fostering genuine connections, and helping them navigate this intricate landscape. I thrive on being a source of assistance and empowerment.  Looking ahead, I'm excited about the future and aim to become the best Benefits Manager I can possibly be. Maintaining strong relationships while welcoming new generations into this field is a vision I'm committed to realizing.