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Chris Conover

Insurance Agent

Hello, I am Chris Conover, a Transportation Risk Specialist who is committed to enhancing safety standards and driving operational efficiency.  I am excited to join TIS with over a decade of dedicated experience in the long-haul transportation industry. My journey began with a passion for highway safety and improving the well-being of my family and yours, on the road.  Throughout my career, I have honed my expertise in prioritizing safety protocols while simultaneously assisting clients in significantly reducing their overall operating costs.
I try to understand the unique challenges faced by each client so I can provide a tailored solution that not only mitigates risks, but also drives sustainable success.  I have an MBA from the University of Arizona. I bring a blend of academic acumen and real-world experience to the table. My goal is simple: to empower carriers to operate their businesses with utmost efficiency and effectiveness, fostering a safer and more reliable transportation landscape for all stakeholders involved.