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Brandon St. Clair

IT Manager

Hi there! I am Brandon St. Clair and I'm the one-man IT department for The Insurance Store. I was born in the city of Provo, Utah during the good ‘ol Reagan years. When I was in kindergarten, we moved to California and I have lived there ever since. I grew up and went to school in El Cajon (near San Diego) and later moved to Menifee, which is an hour north up in Riverside County.

As you can imagine, I love computers and everything hi-tech! One of my main hobbies is radio scanning — from police and fire departments, to military aircraft, 3-letter federal agencies and foreign spies. I have a special place in my heart for HF radio and satellite communications as well. I'm also a licensed ham radio operator - K6BKS. I run several scanning related websites and discussion forums for the local area.

In addition to the radio stuff, I also enjoy trading and investing in Bitcoin and other crypto assets. I also buy and sell domain names, which is basically virtual real estate. Other interests of mine include photography, storm chasing, travel, and keeping up with the latest world news and politics.

One of my biggest accomplishments was losing over 120lbs thanks to the TIS health and wellness program. I made it my goal to walk 10,000 steps a day with my Fitbit. It was a lot of hard work but ended up being a life changing (and saving) experience for me.

In the past 15+ years working for TIS, I have been fortunate to meet great people and friends along the way.