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Atalya Murphy

Marketing & Sales Representative

Hello, I'm Atalya Murphy, from Syracuse, UT. I'm the second of three children, the proud sister to two brothers. Currently, I'm pursuing my education at Utah State University, with a focus on Business Management.  I graduated from Utah Valley University with an Associate’s Degree.

I recently embarked on a transformative journey by serving in the Alpine German-speaking Mission. This experience not only allowed me to master the German language but also enabled me to connect with a diverse range of people. A highlight of my life has been the opportunity to be a full-time service representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

My drive comes from my unwavering commitment to self-improvement.  My passion for learning fuels me, and I'm currently exploring various interests, including acquiring new languages, trying out new hobbies such as skateboarding, and delving into the intricacies of the stock exchange. I thrive on the thrill of acquiring new knowledge and gaining diverse experiences.

Presently, my focus is on finding my career path, with a specific goal of securing an internship in Healthcare Administration for the upcoming summer. This opportunity will not only enable me to further develop my skills but also provide valuable hands-on experience in a field that I am eager to explore.