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The Gold Standard in Charter School Insurance

At The Insurance Store, we know having the right insurance coverage is crucial for protecting your charter school, students, and staff. But navigating the complex world of charter school insurance can be challenging. That's where working with our independent insurance agency can help. With years of experience serving the insurance needs of charter schools, The Insurance Store has the expertise to help you find tailored coverage that fits your institution's unique risks and requirements. Whether you need general liability and property insurance, educators' legal liability, workers' compensation, student accident coverage, or benefits plans, we represent multiple top-rated insurance carriers. This allows us to shop around to find you the most comprehensive policies at competitive rates. Partnering with The Insurance Store gives you peace of mind knowing your charter school has a specialized advocate to guide you through evaluating your risks, understanding your options, and securing the appropriate charter school insurance coverage. Contact us today to get started. We're here to meet all your charter school insurance needs!

Amazing Benefits for your Charter School Team

When it comes to protecting your valued charter school staff, The Insurance Store can also assist with securing comprehensive employee benefits packages, including health insurance, vision, dental, disability, life insurance and other ancillary plans.

  • Group Health Plans

    At The Insurance Store, we understand the importance of providing quality health insurance to keep charter school teachers and staff happy and healthy. That's why we offer access to top-rated group health plans at affordable group rates for our charter school clients. Purchasing one policy can cover costs like doctor visits, prescriptions, and procedures for all your employees. For instance, if a teacher needs knee surgery after an injury, your group health plan helps pay their portion of the medical bills. This makes offering benefits more budget friendly compared to staff buying individual plans. We partner with numerous health insurance carriers to find the right plan design and network that fits your school’s budget and needs. Providing your employees this key benefit through group health insurance shows you value their contributions and wellbeing.

  • Dental and Vision

    Beyond medical concerns, don't forget about your staff's oral and eye care! Providing dental and vision benefits shows employees their overall health matters. Group plans cover routine eye exams and dental cleanings at lower rates, plus bigger costs like braces or LASIK surgery. For instance, if a teacher needs a cavity filled and root canal, the dental insurance helps pay their portion of the bill. Or if a librarian wants LASIK eye surgery, the vision plan can cover some of their copay. Happy, headache-free employees start with comprehensive benefits! Offering dental and vision insurance provides affordable care for your charter school team.

  • Disability Coverage

    Illness and injury can happen even outside of work for school employees. Make sure your staff is protected with disability insurance. It provides partial income replacement if someone can't work due to a covered disability. For instance, if a teacher is diagnosed with cancer and needs extensive treatment and recovery time, disability insurance would kick in payments to help cover their bills. Or if a principal suffers a back injury in a car accident and is unable to work for months, the disability policy would provide wage support. Recovering from health issues is hard enough without financial worries. Disability insurance allows valued charter school team members to focus on healing, not making ends meet.

  • Life Insurance

    Unfortunately, death and tragedy can strike school employees too. That's why providing life insurance is an important benefit charter schools can offer their valued team members. Group life insurance plans allow schools to provide a set payout to support their staff's families in the event of their passing. For instance, if a beloved teacher passes away unexpectedly from illness, a life insurance policy could give their surviving spouse and children $100,000 to help with expenses. For charter schools, group life insurance is an affordable way to show compassion and support for staff families during an enormously difficult time. It's a benefit that shows teachers and staff they are appreciated.

Protect your School with These Essential Coverages

Getting the right insurance for your charter school doesn't have to be confusing or overwhelming. With the TIS team at your side, we make sure your school and staff are properly covered. Here is a rundown of some essential coverages:

  • General Liability

    Running a charter school comes with all kinds of legal risks, especially when it comes to folks getting hurt on your property. Parents, students, vendors - they could slip and fall, get injured in the parking lot, or have any sort of accident while visiting your school. That's why solid general liability insurance is so key! It covers those unlucky sorts of incidents if someone decides to sue your charter for their medical bills or other damages. So if a parent takes a spill on a wet floor down the hall, hurts their back, and comes after you? General liability insurance can pay for lawyers and any settlement, up to the limits you choose. For charter schools, it's crucial protection so you can keep focused on student learning, not legal drama!

  • Workers Compensation

    Charter school staff keep the operations humming! But injuries can happen, whether it's a cafeteria worker's slip or a teacher straining their back. Workers' comp insurance is essential to cover employee injuries on the job. It pays for medical treatment and partially replaces wages if someone is out of work recovering. For instance, if a janitor fractures their arm after a fall, workers' comp pays the bills. Or if a classroom aide injures their knee breaking up a student fight, coverage helps with lost wages and therapy. On-the-job injuries are an unfortunate reality, especially with physical roles. With workers' comp, charter schools can ensure their valued staff get care and support if the worst happens during work hours.

  • Commercial Property

    No matter how careful you are, charter schools face property risks like fire damage, theft, or storm destruction that can disrupt operations and cost big bucks. That's why solid property insurance is so crucial! It covers repairing or rebuilding if your school suffers property damage. For instance, if a lightning strike starts an electrical fire in the gym, property insurance helps pay for repairs. Or if thieves break in over winter break and swipe laptops and band instruments, coverage pays to replace the stolen items. Running a charter school is hard enough without additional burdens from property loss events. With strong property insurance, damage doesn't need to derail learning or bust budgets. Charters can stay focused on their students, not big repair bills!

  • Commercial Auto

    From shuttling sports teams to field trips, charter schools rack up plenty of miles! Make sure your students and vehicles are covered with commercial auto insurance. It pays for damage after accidents, like if your mini bus gets rear-ended or if a tree branch falls and dents a car hood during a storm. Commercial auto also handles lawsuits if an injured passenger sues after an accident. For instance, if a student is hurt when the driver slams on the brakes, insurance helps with legal bills and settlements. No one wants accidents, but they happen! With strong auto insurance, charters stay protected on the road. That means focusing on student adventures, not financial worries from vehicle mishaps!

  • Cyber Liability

    In today's digital age, schools store tons of data from student records to financial information. Cyber attacks that compromise this sensitive info can be devastating. That's why cyber liability insurance matters! It provides protection if hackers access your systems or malware damages files. For example, if cyber criminals steal parent credit card data used for school payments, coverage helps pay fraud costs and legal expenses. Or if a virus corrupts attendance records right before state reporting, insurance can cover restoring the lost data. No one wants to deal with cyber headaches! But with strong cyber liability insurance, charter schools can recover if data is compromised or destroyed electronically.

Specialized Coverages for Charter Schools

The Insurance Store can provide customized guidance and solutions to help charter schools secure the right specialized insurance coverages they need to protect their operations.

  • Abuse and Molestation

    Providing a safe environment for students is a top priority for any charter school. Unfortunately, the risk of abuse or molestation by teachers, staff, or even student peers is a real concern when operating a school. That’s why abuse and molestation insurance coverage is so essential. It provides protection in the event an incident occurs at the school or because of an employee’s actions. For example, if a parent sues the charter because a teacher inappropriately touched their child, this insurance helps cover legal fees and any settlements awarded. No one wants to think about these unthinkable situations, but being properly insured ensures the school can continue serving students despite any egregious actions by individuals. With strong abuse and molestation coverage, charters can focus on education, not courtroom battles.

  • Educators' Legal Liability

    Let's face it - teaching comes with all kinds of legal risks! Teachers may face accusations of accidentally injuring a student, disciplining a child too harshly, or improperly educating kids leading to poor grades. That's why educators legal liability insurance is so vital for charter schools. It covers teachers if they get sued over school-related incidents. For example, if a parent files a lawsuit accusing a teacher of offensive remarks that caused emotional distress for their child, this insurance helps pay legal bills and any awarded damages. Teachers have a tough enough job without worrying they'll be taken to court! With educators legal liability coverage, charters can stand behind their teachers if faced with civil allegations. Teachers can keep their focus on students, not legal woes.

  • Student Accident

    Active kids mean their bound to be bumps, bruises and occasional injuries, from sports mishaps to field trip accidents. That's why having student accident insurance is so important. It helps cover medical bills if students get hurt during school-sponsored activities. For instance, if a soccer player sprains their ankle sliding into a tackle, insurance can pay for x-rays, crutches, rehab and other costs. Or if a student lacerates their arm on a field trip, coverage helps with ER treatment, stitches and follow-up care. Injuries are an inevitable part of childhood exploration and learning. But the right student accident insurance ensures health incidents don't derail a student's education or a family's finances.

  • Crime and Fidelity

    Running a charter school means trusting employees to handle money, equipment, and other assets. But what happens if that trust is broken? Crime and fidelity insurance can protect your school when personnel go rogue. If an office admin pockets field trip fees, this policy reimburses the stolen cash. Or if a facilities manager embezzles by inflating supply invoices, the insurance covers those ill-gotten gains. Crime temptations exist when money flows. Don’t let theft derail your charter’s finance or operations. With the right coverage, your school stays protected if trust turns to treachery.

  • Directors and Officers

    A charter school's board members make big judgment calls that can leave them vulnerable legally. That's why D&O (directors and officers) insurance matters! It protects board members if someone claims they mismanaged money or otherwise erred in their charter school oversight duties. For instance, if a funder alleges the board misused grant funds, D&O insurance provides coverage. Or if parents sue saying poor board oversight led to problems, this policy pays legal fees and awards. Board members are volunteers doing their best to govern schools. D&O coverage gives them backup in case someone isn't happy with their decisions. With protection in place, boards can focus on keeping their charter school successful, not stressing over every choice.

  • Professional Liability

    From counseling to healthcare, charter schools provide all kinds of professional services for their students. Make sure your staff is covered with professional liability insurance in case someone isn't happy with that care. For instance, if parents sue alleging improper therapy caused their child emotional distress, coverage helps pay legal fees and settlements. Or if a student is injured because of negligent nursing care at school, insurance can cover medical bills. Even trained pros make mistakes or face accusations. With professional liability insurance, charter school staff can deliver their best work each day without excess worry over every patient outcome. Students get quality care, and schools get peace of mind.

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Why Partner with TIS?

At The Insurance Store, we know operating a charter school is challenging enough without having to become insurance experts too. That’s where working with our independent insurance agency pays dividends for your educational organization. As a local shop, we offer advantages like:

  • Customized solutions – We represent multiple insurers, allowing us to provide competitive quotes tailored to your school’s unique risks.
  • Broker-level resources – As an independent, we can access wholesale insurance markets with expanded capabilities to meet your most complex needs.
  • Risk management guidance – Our team provides strategic counsel to help you control exposures through proactive prevention and mitigation, not just insurance.
  • Policy maintenance – We serve as your year-round resource to optimize policies, add coverages, and provide certificates of insurance.
  • Advocacy in claims – If a claim occurs, we’ll represent your interests every step of the way to push for maximum recoveries.
  • Personal relationships – Our agents build direct connections with your administrators, trustees, and staff to deeply understand your challenges.

For over 50 years, The Insurance Store has helped schools across the state manage risks and avoid disruptions to education. As a family owned independent insurance agency, we take a personal approach in caring for charter school clients. Our in-house team stays on top of emerging coverages and changing regulations to meet the diverse risks charter schools face. While we utilize cutting-edge insurance technology, our focus remains on building relationships and giving schools peace of mind.

Don't just buy insurance - invest in an experienced local partner to protect your charter school. The Insurance Store is here to listen, analyze needs, and craft creative solutions backed by our 50+ years as trusted advisors. Feel free to call our friendly team at 951-200-3778 to discuss charter school insurance, request quotes or get answers to any of your risk management questions. We consider it a privilege to help charter schools secure coverage that enables continued academic achievement. Partnering with knowledgeable advisors allows you to focus on your mission of educating students.

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