Mohave Truck Insurance

Mohave Transportation
Insurance Company

The Insurance Store is pleased to offer Mohave Transportation Insurance Company for trucking companies in nearly all of the states in the country.

Mohave Transportation Insurance Company offers truck insurance to owner operators and truck fleets of any size.  Mohave Transportation Insurance started selling insurance products to the public in the first quarter of 2020 through limited retail distribution channels.

Great Perks with Mohave Truck Insurance

Mohave’s company motto is, “Large fleet pricing for small fleet owners.”  They offer the coverage you need to get the loads you want.  Their coverage offerings include:

  1. Auto liability with A+ rated paper
  2. Physical Damage
  3. Cargo Insurance up to $250k
  4. General Liability up to $1Mil
  5. Non owned trailer coverage up to $50k

While they offer all the coverage your business needs, they also have some additional perks that allow your business to save money.  These discounts come through their partnership with Uknighted, which is the fleet savings program offered through the Knight/Swift company.

It includes:

  1. Discounted fuel
  2. Discounted maintenance, tires, and roadside service
  3. Invoice factoring
  4. Drug testing

There is one main differentiator between Mohave Transportation Insurance and some of the other truck insurance competitors. Mohave Transportation requires a forward-facing camera and ELD system in each truck it insures. This allows them to offer rate stability by reducing fraudulent claims and offer driver coaching for drivers and companies that trigger loss predictors such as speeding, hard braking, and other proprietary loss predictors.  Mohave Transportation Insurance uses loss data from its partnership with some of the largest trucking companies in the US to continually improve its formulas for predicting and ultimately preventing losses before they even happen.

How to get Truck Insurance with Mohave

Mohave Transportation Insurance is a truck insurance company run and operated by an executive team and staff that have vast transportation experience and most importantly a love and respect for the truckers that keep America moving.

Some additional highlights include:

  1. Low down payment options
  2. Newer class A licenses accepted
  3. Priority Mohave Transportation claims
  4. Broad form cargo coverage

Give us a call today and see if Mohave Truck Insurance is a fit for your trucking company.


Lindsay at the Insurance Store did a great job helping us transition from our previous insurance policy to a more affordable coverage plan for our trucking company. We are very pleased with how professional they are and even more so with how much we will be saving each month. We switched from another company, and I'm glad to be dropping them as a provider, as they wanted to dramatically increase our rates for our next renewal. Now we will have affordable coverage with someone who better understands the business needs of small carriers.
Chris & Robert Spradley