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Tyler Connolly


My name is Tyler Connolly, and I grew up in both California and Utah. Currently, I live in California with my family of eight people. All growing up, I participated in The Boy Scouts of America. During this time, I was able to complete my Eagle Scout.

I graduated from Murrieta Valley High School in 2018, and shortly after I graduated, I left on a two-year service mission for my church to Buenos Aires, Argentina. While there, I learned to speak Spanish fluently. My mission helped me to develop many social skills that help me in my everyday life.

I am inspired by hard work because it is something that my parents have taught me to do. I enjoy being in service to others wherever I may be because I enjoy making people happy. This helps me to be stay motivated.

I have a passion for music and specifically for writing lyrics to my own songs. I play guitar and have played for more than four years. I also love working on writing music and producing songs. I am currently studying in school at MSJC, working on my major in Fire Technology to eventually become a firefighter.