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Tijen Dalianis

Account Manager

My name is Tijen Dalianis.  I am the daughter of a Turkish mother and a Greek father, and I was born in Athens, Greece. I lived in numerous countries throughout Europe, before I came to America as a nine-year-old. I was able to learn English within a year of moving to America, which is something that I am very proud of.

Both of my parents were entertainers, so this led to our family moving around a lot when I was young. Because we moved around so much, it gave me the opportunity to learn five different languages before I learned English. Even though this was one of my major accomplishments, my greatest accomplishment would be having my daughter, Lauren. Lauren is my pride and joy and is my motivation for everything I do each day. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing family and network of friends.

I also love animals and have a dog named Sadie. I have had several birds throughout the years, and I also have an aquarium of fish. In addition to taking care of my animals, I love to garden, paint, cook, and entertain. I also enjoy working out, listening to live music, and dancing.