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Spencer Mullen

Marketing & Sales Representative

To say that Spencer Mullen is a go-getter may be somewhat of an understatement.  In high school, he was president of the debate team and loved selling ideas.  Then, while serving as a missionary for his Church in Colombia and Florida, he developed a love for meeting and talking to people.  He is happy to be combining both talents at The Insurance Store.

Spencer enjoys pushing himself and trying new things.  This has led him on all sorts of adventures.  He became an Eagle Scout (the highest rank in Boy Scouts of America) at the age of 13.  He is a state finalist and nationally recognized for Speech and Debate, as well as one of the top students in Idaho.  He was the valedictorian of the 2019 class in his high school and is currently on a full-ride scholarship at USU, with multiple private scholarships that he’s won.  He has mastered the art of fly fishing and is proud of the progress he has made as an aspiring student and outdoors enthusiast.

Spencer thrives on good vibes!  He wants to love what he is doing and is driven by the idea that he should always do something that will allow him to enjoy himself and who he is becoming.  He finds happiness in seeing progress and change within his own skillset and character, as well as in the world/community around him.

As a college student, he wants to get better at time management while balancing his responsibilities.  He’s busy and is only going to get busier as he prepares for med school and becomes a successful doctor.  He recognizes that the time to get better at something is now.