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Mark Wright

Business Lines Manager

Hello! My name is Mark Wright. I am originally from Montana and grew up on a ranch near a small town. My family had an outfitting business, so my summers were spent taking people fishing and sightseeing on horseback in and around Yellowstone Park. I had some interesting pets, including two raccoons and a pair of black bears – which had two or three cubs every year. I grew up skiing and playing basketball, and basketball is still my favorite sport.

I went on a Spanish-speaking mission for my church, along the US-Mexico border. Afterward at BYU, in addition to my Bachelor’s Degree, I also pursued a Minor in Spanish. I also went on a couple of fun study abroad trips – one to Mexico for a few weeks, and one to the Dominican Republic for four months.

I met my wife, Lisa, at BYU when she asked me to help her “study” for Spanish. We have four boys, Trevor, Landon, Carson, and Cameron, who enjoy video games, parkour, band, flag football, and jumping on the trampoline. We like spending time together as a family doing just about anything. We are big Star Wars fans and are always looking forward to the next movie.

I enjoy personal development, sales methodologies, systematizing processes, and wondering why people and things are the way they are. I’m excited to be a part of The Insurance Store as it continues to grow and serve its customers!