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Linda Deuel

Account Manager

I am originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, where the average snow fall is 100+ inches each winter. I’ve had enough snow for a lifetime. After graduating from Penn State with a Bachelor of Science in Education, I moved around a bit: Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, before settling in Riverside County, where I’ve been for about 25 years. The great thing about learning commercial insurance is I can go anywhere in the country and be able to work.

When I am not working, I am with my dogs. I own, train, show, and breed English Springer Spaniels. I’ve had as many as 8 dogs at one time, but currently have 3: Mauri, Ethan, and Murphy. I have traveled both the East and West Coasts showing dogs. Because of the show dog community, I now have friends throughout the world with at least one friend on each continent.