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Cynthia Varela

Customer Service Representative

My name is Cynthia and I was born and raised in North County San Diego.I   I married my biggest high school crush six years ago after graduating from high school.  We have been living a happy life ever since then with our two beautiful cats.  We love spending time with our family, traveling and trying new foods.

I have a strong emphasis on providing a positive experience for everyone around me.  I have some experience in building strong professional relationships, and can work very well with a team and independently.  I am also a quick learner and want to learn as much as possible to be as versatile as possible.

A big accomplishment that I am currently very proud of is my versatility. Currently, I am a part of the customer service team but I can perform in four other departments.  If anyone calls out sick, I can step in and cover for them with no problem.

I truly have a strong desire to provide the best experience possible.  I want my team and my customers to know that they can count on me and that I will always do my best to go above and beyond for them.  I always feel extra proud when customers call and ask for me because they trust that I will take care of them.

My ultimate goal is to be happy as a member of a great team.  I am looking for a long-term home away from home feeling in the workplace.  I see that this company really cares about the employees, and I cannot wait to join and grow with The Insurance Store.