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Cole Godfrey

Marketing & Sales Representative

Cole Godfrey is proud of achieving Eagle Scout, the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America.  Since its inception in 1911, only four percent of scouts have earned this rank after a lengthy review process.  However, he states, his greatest accomplishment thus far was completing a two-year service mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  His mission was to Brazil and then Boston, Massachusetts.  He states it was the most difficult but rewarding accomplishment of his life to date.

He attributes his critical thinking skills to his work in fabrication and cleaning.  Currently, Cole is seeking to learn more about others and their cultures, believing that everyone has at least one topic to teach him.

He finds it fascinating to learn about others’ backgrounds.  This passion for knowledge of others is helping him to build more social skills.  Cole is proud of his family’s accomplishments and believes he has great potential to also achieve success because of his family members’ accomplishments.

He has a great desire to help others and is using his experiences to do that as much as possible.  His biggest goal in life is constant progression.